Gravel Driveways

Rick Colyer

Beaver Farm Landscaping did some work for an estate property for me and I cannot express how grateful I am to have come across this company. I worked with literally dozens of contractors in this project and for each category of tasks, the effort required to get timely responses was unexpected. Bob Beaver and his team, not only responded quickly, but was impressive in their knowledge / skill and overall fairness in pricing the job. I could not be happier with either the results or the experience overall. This is an honorable and skilled provider…just don’t overrun them in case I need them again.

Sara Palmer

Beaver Farm Landscaping did an amazing job expanding and reworking my driveway. Mr. Bob Beaver came out and went over all my options as well as discussing drainage issues in my yard and how we might improve that with the new driveway. I was given multiple price points to decide what was the best option for me. Once I made my decision there was a very quick turnaround for starting the job, and Bob had it all wrapped up in under two days. I couldn’t be happier with the result! It has made a major impact on the curb appeal of my home, and I’m excited every time I pull up to my house. I would absolutely recommend Beaver Farm Landscaping, and intend on using them again in the future. Thanks Bob!

Geoffrey Davis

From the moment I received a quote/estimate to when the driveway was finished, I never once felt I was dealing with a “business” but rather a close friend. When speaking with Mr. Beaver he did not keep the conversation only business related only but actually got to know me as a person which showed he actually cared about ensuring that I was completely satisfied and getting exactly what I wanted as a customer. His employees paid close attention to detail and even went the extra mile ensuring the walking stones that lead to the door of the house were put back in place and secure in a decorative way, even though they didn’t have to. More than jusr the high quality of product/service was the feeling that I wasn’t just “another customer”. I always felt heard and understood and treated with upmost respect and courtesy. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking for any landscape improvement needs. Will 100% be calling up Mr. Beaver again for when I resod my lawn and any other landscaping ideas my wife comes up with. 6 out of 5 stars.

Geoffrey Davis

Henrico VA

Just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the great job you did redoing our driveway and parking areas. Thanks also for taking the extra time to source the stone texture and color that we wanted. It looks fantastic and is a great pleasure that we no longer have to skip through the puddles to get to our cars during a heavy rain. After first meeting you, we had no doubt that you would do a quality job and at a fair and honest price. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future.

Jack and Lisa Weatherford

Gravel Driveways

The driveway was a mess, rutted, barely any stone in parts, and lakes would form and last for days in any kind of rain. We had been putting off fixing it for a couple years since Virginia Power was going to be burying our power lines and we didn’t want to repair the driveway only to have it dug up again. Plus, who should we call to do the job. Then, when the time came, we did an internet search and whose name should appear but Bob Beaver. Was this the same man who had done such a good job for us years ago when we lived in Chesterfield? Turned out it was and that sealed the deal; no need to look for anyone else. As it turned out, we decided to also put in a raised bed garden along part of the driveway as part of the project and have Bob repair some less than satisfactory cleanup efforts along the old power cut from the power project.

All we can say is WOW! The driveway now has a solid stone base and a thick crusher run gravel top. It drains well and quickly. It doesn’t have ruts or vast lakes after rains, and it has drawn outstanding comments from neighbors and even the mail carrier. The raised bed is a wonderful addition, adding definition and a great edge to the driveway and making the rest of yard look better as well. And the old power cut is much better and will improve even more as the leaves fall and provide additional coverage in the fall. Bob and his helpers did the work in three days, work I would have expected to take longer. They were also friendly and didn’t mind putting up with occasional supervision from the “old” man who lives in the house. There is no question in our minds that Bob Beaver is the man to call for landscaping projects and driveways, We could not be happier with the work he did for us.

Al and Daryll Sneden

Gravel Driveway in Henrico VA

Thanks again for the work you performed recently when you installed our new driveway. With the other work going on nearby it was a good decision to wait until they moved on. Regarding the weather, well who can predict what might happen almost any day. Actually, when the work got started it proceeded about like you had anticipated. We are really enjoyed the driveway and are starting to look at landscaping projects for the spring. Job – well done and right on the money!


Mike Stanage

Brown Crusher Run Driveway Redo in Manakin Sabot VA

Bill Brehm

We brought Beaver Farm Landscaping in to fix an issue with our gravel driveway. Bob brought much experience and helped us work out the best way to solve the problem within our budget. During the re-grading and adjustments needed to fix our problem Bob reviewed and confirmed that everything was as expected. He even came back out after the first big rain to check on the driveway! I would recommend Beaver Farm Landscaping to anyone who wants to get the job done right.

Bill Brehm

Kelly Driscoll Anchell

My husband and I are very pleased with the work done to recondition our driveway by Beaver Farm Landscaping. Mr. Beaver is professional, kind, courteous and prompt. We appreciated his excellent communication before and during the project. We would recommend him and hope to utilize his help with some future landscaping projects!

Kelly Driscoll Anchell


Before, the driveway was a mostly worn and drab path leading to a parking area that was covered in a fine gravel that constantly got caught up in the treads of our shoes and dragged into the house. We recently had work completed on a new garage which drove the need to rework the driveway and parking area. Of the quotes, Bob’s was the most reasonable and I felt that he best understood what I was looking for in a driveway.

Bob had the equipment to fit into the narrow streets and driveway, he was able to convert our worn out driveway into something that was a LOT better looking, more enjoyable to drive on, providing access to the garage and making it easier to turn around and pull out into the street.