Landscaping Services for Woodlake, VA

Woodlake is filled with handfuls of our valued customers who are proud of the amazing suburb they live in! Whether you’re a long time resident or someone there to visit, Woodlake continues to impress and grow as a place that has a lot to offer for everyone. Whether you’re visiting the Chesterfield Children’s Museum or appreciating the outdoor beauty of Woodlake at Swift Creek Reservoir, you know that you’re in the right place! Here at Beaver Farm Landscaping, we are proud to contribute to the growth and beauty of Woodlake through providing industry leading landscaping services for homeowners and business owners alike. Give our team a call today to learn more about what we can do for your Woodlake property!   

Woodlake has been voted as one of the best places to live in Chesterfield County! Woodlake homeowners and business owners know how special this little suburb of Richmond is. With 30 years of landscaping the Richmond area, we’ve been a part of helping to beautify this area for a long time. Driving the Woodlake is a treat because of the attention to detail in landscaping. Whether you’re looking for an entire outdoor kitchen and entertaining area or need some drainage help, our team of landscape designers and professional installers can do it all! Give us a call today to see how easy we can expand your living space to the outdoors.

Our services include:

Landscape projects for Colonial Heights, VA we create include:

  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Raised beds
  • Bonsai
  • Screening for privacy
  • Detailed courtyard designs
  • Erosion control

Hardscape projects for Colonial Heights, VA we create include:

  • Patios
  • Screened Privacy
  • Courtyard Designs
  • Outdoor Stone Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Fences
  • Paving Surfaces
  • Custom Masonry
  • Retaining Walls
  • Cobble or Curbstone for Bed Edging
  • Riverwalk and Decorative Landscape Stone for Beds
  • Salt Treated Timbers for Retaining Driveways, and Bed Edging
  • And much more…

When quality counts, count on Beaver Farm Landscaping!