Dry Stack Stone Walls

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With over 30 years of landscaping experience, we can honestly say that the best part of our job is when we get to be creative and think outside the box. Dry Stack Stone Walls always allow for some creativity and out of the box thinking. Finding a way to make the stone of your choice fit in with your current landscaping and shaping it to fit the direction and flow of your yard is always a fun challenge. There are never two dry stack stone walls that are identical. There is artistry and mastery at work. Ensure you’re working with experts for your dry stack stone walls. 

What Is Dry Stack Stone? 

Dry Stack Stone refers to the type of stone work that doesn’t generally use mortar. While mortar may be used for some foundational or support work for larger projects, the mortar will not show to the outside of the wall, so that the look is still a mortarless, dry stack look. For lower walls and borders, mortar is usually not necessary. Gravity and shape work hand in hand with form and function to create beautiful long lasting art and function in your yard. Whether you are looking for a dry stack stone border around your flower beds or dry stack stone wall to partition and create spaces in your gardens, our landscape technicians can work with your yard to create a beautiful landscape that incorporates dry stack stones. 

Versatility and Slope

The versatility of dry stack stone makes this a popular choice for a variety of landscaping needs. A dry stack stone look can be used by integrating it into a retaining wall system or a garden bed border or just a freestanding wall that adds beauty and space allocation to a landscape. If you are using a dry stack stone as a retaining wall, it is imperative that you reach out to an expert. The safety of your wall is of the utmost importance. Having the wrong slope or pitch can create a wall that will not withstand rainfall and time, which depending on the height of your wall, could be very dangerous. Even a short wall holds an immense amount of weight should it collapse. Drainage and erosion are also factors that will need to be addressed. 

Types of Dry Stack Stone Materials

Greenery & Seasonal PlantingIf you choose to incorporate dry stack stone into your landscaping, you’ll have a variety of stone types to choose from. Height and structural need of the wall may limit some of your options, but dry stack stone walls are usually lower with few restrictions other than what you want the finished look to be. Keep in mind that a dry stack stone wall will take a little longer to finish based on the level of workmanship that will be required, in comparison to paver stones that are shaped to fit. While dry stack stone materials are picked specifically for your dry stack job, our technicians will still use hammering techniques to shape stone for fit. The finished look of a dry stack stone wall is always worth the extra time and effort. 

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