Retaining Wall Seats and Garden Border Benches

For 30 years we’ve been building and maintaining beautiful landscapes throughout the Richmond area. We love building long term maintenance relationships with our clients! We also love taking a blank, unused yard and turning it into an oasis for family and friends to gather. Creating cozy nooks and garden walls or enveloping a fire pit with a circular wall of seating is just something special. We know when we create these spaces, that memories and laughter will be made there. We can help transform your space with these garden wall and seating ideas and trends.
  • Terraced levels for seating and gardens adds visual impact. A retaining wall by itself is just screaming to have a seat added to it with outdoor pillows surrounded by softscape perennials.
  • Utilizing natural elements such as wood into the back supports or seating is a beautiful way to create contrast and invite people in.
  • Create raised garden beds from the same paver materials as your retaining wall and seating area.
  • Add seating or benches to an outdoor kitchen with a wall that surrounds your kitchen space.
  • For older homeowners, or just smarter homeowners, raising your garden beds to a higher level that’s easier to reach and then surrounding them with a natural stone or paver seating ledge or bench makes gardening more accessible. We’re seeing retirement homes add these areas to their outdoor spaces for their residents. Why not do the same at your home?
  • Adding natural stone as a seating ledge to a paver wall. The contrast of colors and textures creates a beautifully finished look.
Whatever landscaping ideas and visions you might have for your space, we can help make them a reality. Or, if you’re like most homeowners and just have a blank space in your yard that you’d like to make more inviting, our landscape design team can “wow” you with a beautifully landscaped outdoor living space that you didn’t even know was possible. Let our experts create something beautiful for your home! We’ll have you seated around a fire roasting marshmallows in no time. Give us a call today!