Outdoor Kitchens

Beaver Farm Landscaping for all of Your Outdoor Dreams

For more than 30 years, Beaver Farm Landscaping has been creating beautiful landscapes throughout the Richmond area. We started as a small weekly service landscaper with mowing and trimming and a big dream. We’ve grown with the Richmond area and have technicians that do a lot more than just mowing and trimming now. We still cover our roots of landscaping with weekly maintenance for our customers, but now we are also able to help homeowners with big dream landscapes. Whether you are looking for pool decking with patio pavers or a full outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space or outdoor fireplace and pizza oven, we have a great team of Landscape Designers and technicians that can help you bring your outdoor dreams to reality!

Landscaping Lingo: Hardscaping vs. Softscaping

When it comes to landscaping, we talk a lot about hardscapes and softscapes. When designing an outdoor cooking space, most of the design will be hardscapes. Hardscapes refer to any type of non-living element in your landscape. Hardscapes in regard to outdoor kitchens will include everything from floors to walls, to countertops and seating, even trellises. Softscapes are all of the living elements in your landscape, such as grass, bushes, trees and flowers.

Great Design Encompasses Both Hardscapes & Softscapes

If you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen for your home, our team can help you design a space that looks like it was always meant to be there. We work with the architecture and lines of your home to ensure our design isn’t obtrusive or that it goes against the flow of your home. We want to add value to your home through good design. We’ll include softscapes in our final version of your design to complete the space. Enveloping an outdoor living space with lush greenery and flowers and potted plants gives the product a finished and carefully planned look. 

Outdoor Kitchen Options, Styles, Budgets and Finishes

Outdoor fully functioning kitchens are always fun projects for our team to work with. Whether your budget allows for just a grill and a prep surface or a full chefs kitchen with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you! We love working with our homeowners to develop a budget and work within your means to bring you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our landscape designers work with you to find the style and finishes that suit your home within your budget. 

Small Spaces – Big Ideas

If your Richmond area home is all you’ve dreamt of including a small yard with little to no yardwork, you can still have an outdoor kitchen that will draw your friends and family to be outside with you. Small spaces just mean we get to work a little harder to fit all the elements into an outdoor space. Whatever your physical footprint, we can work with it to get exactly what you want. 

Small Budget – Big Dreams

The most important element of an outdoor entertaining space is the finishes and the materials you use. If you’re investing in a beautiful outdoor landscaped living area, you do want the products to be ablet to stand up to the weather and elements. So, a strong portion of your budget should go towards picking materials that will “take the heat” literally. We are always up front about costs and budgets. We know how important it is that a project is affordable for our homeowners, but we also want to give you good advice so that your new space doesn’t deteriorate after one season. 

Big Spaces – Big Design Options – Big Budget

When designing for a high-end space, there is still usually a cash limit that homeowners don’t want to go over. Whatever that budget cap may be, we can make your outdoor chef dreams come true! If you’re considering adding a gorgeous fully outfitted outdoor kitchen space to your home, Beaver Farm Landscaping can help design, install, and landscape the entire project.

High-End Elements and Options for Outdoor Chefs Kitchen

  • Roof Extension or Pergola
  • Masonry Work for Brick or Stones
  • Marble Countertops, Granite Countertops and/or Backsplash
  • Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Grill with Gas Line 
  • Convenient Storage for all Grill Accessories
  • Outdoor Side Burners Built into Counter
  • Outdoor Range over Outdoor Grill
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • LED Lighting Under Cabinets
  • Pathway Lighting 
  • Natural Stone Elements
  • Outdoor Sink
  • Prep Area for Outdoor Cooking
  • Stainless Steel Additional Storage Space
  • Outdoor Refrigerator
  • Ice Maker
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens
  • Outdoor Kitchen Island
  • TV’s or Outdoor Mounted Screens and Projectors
  • Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Bar Stools and Counter Space
  • Fireplace or Fire Pit with Natural Gas Line
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Outdoor Built-In Heaters
  • Exterior Ceiling Fans

Your Home, Your Budget, Our Flexibility and Hardwork

Whatever your outdoor kitchen budget is, at Beaver Farm Landscaping, we can create a beautiful space. Our team will come on site and discuss square footage and design aspects that your drawn to. We’ll then discuss the architecture of your home and what would bring the most value long term to your home. Once a design schematic is discussed our design team will put together a full design proposal including costs and finishing options. You have full control over the aspects of your design. We are here to guide and give suggestions, but we truly want the space to reflect you and your home. 

Contact Beaver Farm Landscaping for the Open Air Kitchen and Dining Area of Your Dreams

We can’t wait to make your outdoor dreams come true! Whether you need a seasonal cleanup or additional square feet of living space added to your landscape, Beaver Farm Landscaping can help. Give us a call today! 804-615-0011