Retaining Wall Materials and Trends

Trying to find the right retaining wall materials along with a trusted contractor to correctly do the work can be a challenge. Whether your job is residential or commercial, Beaver Farm Landscaping has the knowledge, training and experience to do your job right! With more than 30 years of service in the Richmond area, our team can walk you through all of your options in Retaining Walls materials and trends.

Retaining Wall Materials

No matter how big or small your project is, there is a stone and style to suit every landscape. As one of Richmond’s most trusted Landscape Grading Contractors, we have access to any materials you can dream of. Traditional materials in Richmond Retaining Walls are usually a form of concrete or concrete stones. Fieldstone, Bluestone, even Steel and Marble can be used to achieve the perfect Richmond Landscape for your home or business. Natural Rock, Stones, Wood and Brick are also popular options for residential and commercial hardscaping in Richmond, VA. We are also seeing more contemporary styles of mixing steel accents and edges within poured or smooth concrete surfacing. Materials for residential or garden retaining walls can vary greatly from commercial materials used on large scale retaining walls. 

Retaining Wall Trends

Our team of installers and designers can meet with you to do a free consultation to determine the style and structure of your project. Our design team can work with you to determine which style of retaining wall will suit your grading and drainage needs as well as your overall style.

Popular Trends in Retaining Walls 

  1. Transitional – materials that step down or transition with the slope of the landscape.
  2. Contemporary – Clean, straight lines and angles. 
  3. Traditional – Landscape retaining walls that move with the existing shape and slope. 
  4. Commercial – larger scale, more concrete stones, less natural stone materials.  
  5. Ecological – Designed and built around ponds or to create ponds and flowing steps 

within mature gardens. Designed specifically to enhance and care for existing


At Beaver Farm Landscaping, we are consistently adding new materials and design capabilities to our long list of successful jobs. We are confident that we can work within your budget to find the best materials to make your landscape functional and showstopping. Give us a call today at 804-615-0011 for your free consultation.