Salting & Ice Melting Services in Richmond, VA

Snow and ice around your commercial property can pose a serious liability for property-owners and a real risk for customers and employees. This winter, trust the professionals at Beaver Farm Landscaping for all your snow and ice removal needs. When ice forms in high traffic areas (including entryways, walkways, sidewalks, docking bays and parking lot), you need professional quality ice melting services to keep your business safe and navigable for all your customers and employees. With our salting and ice melting services, you can rest assured all winter long that every target traffic area surrounding your business will be promptly and thoroughly salted to remove the risk of slips and falls.

Reliable salting and ice melting services are essential for all commercial businesses, particularly nursing homes, retirement communities, retail centers and apartment complexes. Ensure safe walking and driving conditions around your commercial or residential property, all winter long.

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